How to avoid fines and charges

By Paul Haworth

Simple guide to save your team money

How to avoid most of the fines
(not the full list of offences but most of the routine ones):

1) Communicate well, and remember it’s a two-way process. Past experience has shown that most problems occur because team officials have failed to communicate with other parties properly, or assumed that others have received information that has not arrived.
2) Read the League Rules, and get your whole management team to read them too.

3) Register 16 players by the first league meeting.
4) Play registered players only. Players are registered WHEN CONFIRMED by the Registration Secretary.
5) Attend league meetings.
6) Acknowledge all communications to the sender Fixtures within 24 hours.
7) Pay League fees within 14 days of the AGM.
8) Pay fines and fees within 14 days of issue.
9) Apply for postponements 14 days in advance. (It may not be granted)

Before match-days:
10) Confirm the match details with the opposing side (72 hours or 3 days prior)
11) Confirm the match details with the match officials (72 hours or 3 days prior)
12) Fulfil the fixture.
13) Arrive at the ground in plenty of time to prepare and kickoff on-time.

On match-days
14) Provide at least two footballs to meet Law 2.
15) Provide corner flags to meet Law 1.
16) Put up the posts and nets in plenty time for kickoff time.
17) Provide barriers, to separate players and officials from spectators. (Cones are not acceptable)
18) Ensure players wear shinguards. (Law 4)
19) Provide a first aid kit.
20) Ensure players don’t wear any jewellery. (Law 4)
21) Ensure players wear colours that don’t clash with other outfield players, goalkeepers and the referee (Law 4). No players may wear black or very dark kits.
22) Submit a team sheet to the referee (15 minutes before kickoff)
23) Submit a team sheet to the opposing team (15 minutes before kickoff)
24) Commence all matches with eleven, and at least seven players. (Law 3)
25) Be ready to kickoff on-time.

After matches:
26) Pay officials immediately in their changing room.
27) Phone the match result to the Fixtures Secretary (or nominee) after the match within 4 hours of kickoff.
28) Provide a completed Teamsheet to the Registrations Secretary after the match. (96 hours or 4 days)
29) Provide a Referee Report to the Referees Secretary after the match. (96 hours or 4 days)

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